Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My Pal Death

I'm still pretty tired. Why does one have entire weeks where
you're tired all the time? For no particular reason? Then
the next week I'll be fine. I wish it wasn't so random. I
can't seem to tie it to anything.

I've been working in a back lab the last couple of days, doing
repetitive installs of computers. It gives me too much time
to think. I find myself staring out of the window thinking
about my friend who died last week. I wonder what she went
through and what she thought of it all. I can never come to
terms with death, I just eventually accept it happened.

Everybody has to watch people around them die over and over,
and eventually it is your turn. We've been doing this for
thousands of years, billions of people throughout the ages.
Why aren't we better at this, then? We should have had this
down to an art or a science by now. But we don't, it never
gets easier for anyone to accept or go through.

Its a pretty rotten system, if you ask me.

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