Friday, August 10, 2007

Lazy NIght

My replacement mouse came from Apple, so I am now happily
scrolling down. However my copy of ilife 08 didn't come. :(
I was planning on cracking GarageBand open and writing
music this weekend. I guess I'll have to find a plan B.

The guys are both off at the filming of Drinking with Ian,
(a popular local T.V. show) this evening. Cay is doing crew,
and Drew is D.J.-ing on the show! His band MC/VL was on the
show before and they really liked them, and thought if would be
fun to have Drew be "the band" between sets. Should be great.
The show is on the web too, on You Tube, but it lags the current
shows by quite a bit. They let it play the local cable schedule first.

So another quiet night with me and the pets. Good enough, I'm tired
from work. It is so rare I'm alone, it is an interesting change.

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