Sunday, August 26, 2007

This *&#!%! Old House

Today, I had the bright idea that I would finally pull up that ugly
sheet vinyl on the bathroom floor. I would then run down and get
a few boxes of the nice laminate that "looks just like wood" floor,
and start putting that in. Then finally everything on the 1st and
2nd floors of my house would at last be finished (after 8 years).

Unfortunately, like every house project, that is not what happened.
The floor was put in by insane people. It was well-glued vinyl,
applied directly over a 1/8 board underlayment that was nailed about
every inch, that had been applied over 2 more layers of older
sheet vinyl. A mornings worth of pounding, chiseling, scraping
and swearing got off about a 3 foot by 3 foot section of floor.
It was also moldy and water damaged underneath. Some of the
boards in the original floor will have to be replaced.

So this is a longer term project that will take weeks. I just
*love* old houses (except when sloppy, crazy people have done
"repairs" on them.

Then it was off to a barbeque at some friend's house. It was an
almost perfect summers day out - very glad I got to spend some
time outdoors. It is starting to feel like summer is winding
down, and I'm just not ready for fall yet. But, it didn't ask me
(it never does...)

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