Thursday, August 09, 2007

Trivial annoyances

Augh, my computer is only 3 months old, and my wireless mouse
has broken already. The little scroll ball on my Mighty Mouse
(not so mighty, eh?) will scroll side to side and up, but wont
scroll down. Seeing how this is the direction I most often
want to go, this is a problem.

Apple is sending me a new one, but it is still frustrating
not to have something I use all the time. Usually their
quality is better than that!

And, of course the beautiful new silver Macs came out 3 months
after I bought mine. Such is the heartbreak of geekdom.

I need more stimulation in my life. I spent most of last night
dreaming about the new laminate flooring we are putting in the
basement. I always resent boring or trivial dreams. I wake up
feeling like I could have spent that time more constructively.
Or at least entertainingly.

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