Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Withering Heights

It was so perfect outside today; 73 degrees, breezy and sunny.
My friend Sharon, from work, and I walked around the building
twice during lunch (1/2 mile). Talking with a lively person
makes exercise much easier!

Then I went back to work, and she went to jump out of an
airplane. She is 6 years older than I am, but I felt like
the old, unexciting person.

Three people from work had scheduled a tandem jumping
session today and everyone teased them through the
morning. Lots of "Break a Leg!", and "Well, it's been nice
knowing you!" comments were flying around.

I admire them, but I would never, ever jump out of an
airplane. I am terrified of heights, I even dislike rides
with dropping motions in them. I think stepladders are
challenging! I will stay safely on the ground and wish
them an exciting experience, and save this creaky, fragile
body to make it through another day.

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