Wednesday, September 26, 2007

All Things Medical

I finally went in to have the vertigo treated. It is one of
those weird medical treatments that doesn't seem very medical.
They hang your head over a table and put you in various positions.
This apparently causes the loose calcium bits to flow around all
3 of your semicircular canals, and end up back in the middle
where they belong. They then settle into some hair like things
that hold them again.

I can't bend over and have to sleep propped up for 2 days to
make sure they settle into their home. I go back next week and
the physical therapist is going to teach me how to do the
positions to put the calcium bits back, if they should come
loose again. There is a 40% chance of recurrence in two years.

After that I stayed at home and dialed into work, because my
cold is really awful. I feel about as rotten as possible, but
at least I don't have vertigo! (small condolence!) I hope I'm
well enough to go to work tomorrow. I have to start packing
equipment up for the big move in less than 2 weeks. Besides
sitting at home being sick is pretty boring!

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