Sunday, September 16, 2007

Almost time...

Weird. I have to be in bed in 4 hours if I have any hope of
getting so sleep tonight. Then 5 hours of sleep and up at
3:30 am to catch the plane to Philadelphia. Then hopefully
I did get some sleep because I get there about 9 am their time,
then get the rental car, and off for the 40 minute drive to
the office.

Then I get to work all day, then go find my hotel to check in,
and settle in for the week. Just talking about it makes me

I haven't quite figured out how I'm going to eat during all of
this. Nothing is open that early at the airport, there is no
food on the plane (it is a little one, an 88 seater), then
I have to rush to get to work. Hopefully there is food around
work and I'll managed to take a break and get some!

Travel is always such an adventure. You get down to the basics:
how in the heck to get enough sleep, food, and find your way
in a totally strange city. Well, here goes!

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