Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back to things

Good news, I got the results back from the mole biopsies.
One was totally benign, the other had some displasia (wasn't
cancer - yet, but might be someday). Since the doc cut
them out so totally, I should be fine. Still 3 days to get
the stitches out, which itch a lot.

So there. I'm the picture of health. Or something. Now I
just have to take care of the vertigo. After much reading
and some advice from a reader, I'm pretty sure it is BPPV
which is a benign form where calcium deposits get loose in
your ears and unbalance the heck out of you.
There are ways to make them settle down and behave.

The deciding point on my show is coming up rapidly. I should
do something by this weekend, but I'm still not sure what.
I wouldn't want life to be clear cut, I guess. No surprises.

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