Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Day 3 in the East

I might as well admit it. I'm not going to see much of anything
on this trip. I'm just too blasted tired. Up at 6 am, got some
breakfast, off to work at some unnatural hour of the morning.
Another long day of meeting people and learning too much.
Only a protein bar to eat.

Back to the hotel, exhausted. Every part of my body hurts. I
just can't find my "sleep number" on that bed. I wake up really
sore. Even the marvelous tub only helps a little.

I was so hungry from not eating, I stopped in the hotel bar/
steakhouse, as soon as I got back to the hotel, and had a huge
salad, and a hamburger. And a beer, which did more for the pain
than anything.

Now it's 7 pm, and I can't really get up the energy to go
anywhere. I think I'll take a walk around the hotel, since it
is still really nice out. Then settle in for some videos on the
computer, and attempt to get some real sleep. So far, sleep
has been in hour bursts, with lots of restless thrashing.

Adventure is good, but there is no bed like home.

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