Saturday, September 22, 2007

Day 5 and home again

Yesterday was too long! I was up at 6am, I managed to get a few
hours of sleep. I was still fretting over the loss of my DS and
games. Then it was finish packing, check out of the hotel.

I went looking for a Starbucks or coffee shop (because I didn't
want to leave my stuff alone in my hotel room while I ate at
the hotel restaurant) and didn't find one! Someone should notify
Starbucks that they have managed to miss putting a shop every
two feet in a busy business locale!

So it was off to work for my last day. I had to drink their
coffee and eat out of the vending machine. Not the healthiest
way to live! At one point during the day, my boss wanted to sent
me to the West coast, to a customer on Monday! I said I would go,
(hey, they pay me!) but I was thinking I wouldn't have much time
to recover from this trip. I needed some sleep! Luckily she then
decided not to send me, at this time, though I'll probably have
to go out there sometime. I finished out the day and said goodbye
to all the wonderful new people I had met.

I decided to drive down to the airport in Philadelphia by the
back roads, to try to see some of the area, and avoid the crush
on the freeways. The back ways were also packed. It was only about
20 miles, but it took me 1 hour and 45 minutes. But I did see
a lot of the beautiful area.

I thought I had lots of time to catch my plane, but the drive took
extra long, I had to drive around the terminal 3 times to find
my rental car return, the shuttle bus driver told me to get
off at the wrong terminal, and I had to take a shuttle back
to the right one. I had been planning a sit-down dinner at the
airport, since I hadn't really eaten all day. But I got to
the gate area about 20 minutes before boarding so I just grabbed
a muffin.

Got to the gate, and at boarding time they announced that we were
missing out flight crew. They were on another plane that wouldn't
be there for 2 hours. So they gave us $10 coupons to go eat.
I wasn't that hungry at that point, so I just had a slice of pizza.

At last we took off, and got in at 1 am this morning. I'd been going
for 21 hours, by the time I got to bed. And oh! My wonderful bed!
I slept well for the first time in 6 days. I wonder if I can pack
my bed in my luggage, for my next trip?

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