Monday, September 03, 2007

How Expected!

Well, my weekend turned out exactly as I had planned.
That is actually rather rare. I got a huge dose of video
gaming in, and put in the bathroom floor.

We just went and bought the moulding to finish it off.
I'll post a picture after that part is done, maybe tomorrow.

The extra bonus this weekend, is we found a big,
wonderful Indian Grocery store, called Curry Up. It is in a
northern suburb, Maple Grove, which is a bit of a drive, but
not bad. The reason this is so cool, is that we have gotten
into cooking real curry. Where you get all the whole spices and
fresh curry leaves make it from scratch. It is insanely good.
Doesn't taste anything like the pre-packaged curry stuff.

This grocery also had some snacks that are so good, I can't
believe it. I've never tasted anything so fragrant and
wonderful. Oh, yeah, I think I was supposed to be on a diet.

Back to the real world tomorrow. I'm not ready! Don't make
me go! So I guess I'll finish off the evening with more

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