Saturday, September 29, 2007

I didn't get kicked off the island (yet)

Well we had the rumored layoffs yesterday. They were much deeper
than expected, every small group lost a couple of people - even
really good people. We huddled in the halls, waiting to see who
was taken. They swooped down on people in their offices and labs,
and they returned with a blue folder, and a stunned look on their
faces. They had an hour to pack up and say goodbye. There is no
good way to do layoffs.

I survived, and still have a job. But I really hate layoff days.
Whether you have a job or not at the end, you still feel

The faith in your company is shaken. You have to say goodbye
to people you liked. Morale is in the toilet. You wonder if
you should start updating your resume. The company was smart
enough not to even try to make us work that day. They just
let us cling together, talking. And had a couple of meetings
to talk about it, that didn't make us feel any better.

The problem is we all really like this company and working there.
A bunch of the "survivors" went out drinking last night, and
that kept coming up. "We WANT to work there!" "I'm in denial,
I don't want to think the company might not make it". We
drank for about 4 hours. It was somewhat healing to be together.

We have our big, exciting move to a building built just for us
in a week. We were pretty excited about it, but now the joy is
gone. We just wonder how long we will get to be there.
We make good stuff, and we all hope that a miracle will happen
and we will get those big sales and contracts. And that because
our stock is down, no one will buy us, and lay off some more.

That is what I meant by changes and being unsettled, in the
last entry. I thought I had a comfortable future, and now it
is all up in the air again. I love being in the computer
industry, but it is a brutal industry. There is a lot of money,
but you have to put up with never knowing when your job will
end. Good Times, eh?

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