Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sick of Travel and Travel Sickness

Darn it, I have a really sore throat. I only remember one trip
where I didn't get sick, and I don't think this will be one.
My body is definitely trying to come down with a cold. I'm
slamming the vitamins and immune system boosters to try to
dissuade it from such silliness. It seems that if I am exposed
to any new germ, my body decides to try it on for size....
Why couldn't I be susceptible to making money, instead of
catching germs?

I gained 3 pounds on the trip, wiping out the last 2 months
of weight loss. I had gained 3 back before that - so everything
I lost this summer is back. While the Alli diet pills didn't
work for me, I think I'm going to use their online meal plan.
It is a good one, and you plan out your week of food,
substituting meals in their suggested plan to find stuff you
like, and then print out the plan, recipes and a shopping
list for the week. A nice feature.

Their meal plan is very similar to The Fat Attack diet which
did work once of me. In addition I'll steal an idea from them
which is to add pectin to juice, which helps cut hunger and
fill you up. Also I've found chewable fiber tablets from the
drugstore helps a lot with hunger, especially at bedtime.
The plan is a little too high in carbs for a diabetic, but I can
substitute the bread and pasta for low carb versions of the same.

However, for lunch today it is a big bowl of chicken soup
with lots of garlic. My favorite "I'm getting a cold" meal.
What a drag this is!

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