Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sickly Denial

Slow weekend. I'm still sick from my trip, and I helpfully
gave the cold to Cay. So we both layed around on the couch all
day yesterday and finished the video game Blue Dragon. Today,
we might start Eternal Sonata. It is that kind of weekend.
Rainy, gloomy, and sick - might as well play.

I'm dealing with my feelings about work by just going into
denial. If I don't think about it, maybe things will be fine.
And they may be. Who knows.

I want to love work and be proud of it, so I guess that is what
I will do for now. And still update the resume, when I feel
better, as insurance! With luck, it will be like insurance. I've
almost never had to collect on the insurance - but when I had to,
it was nice it was there.

Pooh, I thought about work again. Back to the video games!

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