Sunday, September 09, 2007


I contemplate the universe, and spend the day playing video

I should have been recording my next show. I know generally
what I am going to do with it. Since I'm going to be out of
town this is the perfect time to try a new thing. I'm going
to ask a big question (one I haven't asked before), discuss
what my initial thoughts are, and ask the audience to send
sound files or email with their thoughts.

If I get some responses, the following show will present
the replies, and maybe a summation from me. And then the
next question. Anyone who has been on the show, and anyone
who hasn't, can be part of the slow motion discussion.

I have to get this up before I leave - next weekend at the
latest. Today was a bad day to record. The 2 major freeways
near me were closed this weekend, and I swear all of the
traffic ended up on my street. There was continuous noise
and traffic, and cars screeching to sudden halts, and honking
at each other. I saw the most amazing bad driving this
weekend, drivers were so impatient, frustrated, and pulled
lots of dumb maneuvers. I can't believe they all didn't
just crash into each other.

I guess, between the bridge being gone, and all the major
freeway closures, we've reached our limits in ability to
get from "here to there".

I hope next weekend is a little quieter...

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