Thursday, September 06, 2007


Yikes! I'm really going to Pennsylvania for a week for
work. I just booked the trip. I hate traveling alone for
work, though. The last couple of trips I got to go with a
group, which was lots of fun.

This is just me, going to get trained in on the new
project. It will be a frantic learning experience to come
up to speed as fast as possible.

I hate eating alone, and sitting around in my hotel room
at night. I can be adventurous, but not so much on my own.
For a day or two, it isn't bad, but for 5 days, it can get

The hotel has a workout room, and a pool, I suppose I should
make use of them. In that area, I don't know what to go see
except Valley Forge and the mall. I'm not exactly sure what
is even at Valley Forge! It wont be fun like Japan, but I'll
just have to look at it as a sort of mini adventure.

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