Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Vertigo Report 'n stuff

I saw the doctor today, and it is as I suspected from all my
web reading. I have BPPV, a condition where little calcium
deposits wander into your ear canals (where they don't belong!)
and make you think you're tipping over when they hit the
sensors in there. Leaning your head back, or laying on the
affected side - various head positions can trigger it.

She gave me a medicine patch to wear for my trip next week, that
may help (related to motion sickness medicine). Then I start
physical therapy the next week when I get back. The intent
of the therapy is to coax the little calcium b*st*rds back to
where they belong. As usual, this is all going to take awhile.
Why is medicine always a long drawn-out affair?

Other than that, I'm digging into my new project, and starting to
really enjoy myself. I love learning new things. I'm actually
starting to get excited about my trip, where I will meet lots
of new people and learn a great deal (I hope!). It seems I first
am a little fearful of traveling to an unknown place, and then
start craving it.

Is it aging, that makes us want the familiar? I don't remember
being resistant to adventure when I was younger. It is something
that I think one should battle against. I don't want to become
old and set in my ways. I think the key to youthfulness is
always trying the new. I'm that way about technology, (always on
the forefront) but I need to apply it more to my everyday life.

I admire the old people I've met on road trips, who got an RV
and spend all of their time traveling. They have this sense of
wanting to always see what is over the next mountain. They seem
fresh and spry. I hope I will be like that. My main problem is I
have no sense of direction, whatsoever, and I am perpetually lost.
When I have to get somewhere important, I'm sure I'm going to
blow it, and be late. When I'm on a road trip, where it doesn't
matter where I end up, I'm much more confident.

Oh heck, adventure ho!

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