Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Whiplash into a new direction

Hey I was kidding yesterday, about life giving you surprises.
Today at work, I'm suddenly on a different project and may
be traveling for work in a week and a half.
Just when I was settling into a comfortable (but dull) rut.

Teach me to mouth off. Of course life never listens when I
think I should win the lottery...

Now I'm really trying to keep up with the exercises that are
supposed to help vertigo. I gotta get this under control in
the next week and a half, before I have to fly for work.
I hope plane travel doesn't affect it. In theory the
therapy exercises are supposed to help in 10 days. I'm also
going to see the doctor on Tuesday, though she'll probably
just send me to a specialist.

And on the show front, one listener of the show gave me the
advice that I think I will follow. Try the new monthly
question format, but don't abandon the old format, if I get
an interesting volunteer. I"ll give it a try!

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