Monday, October 01, 2007

Back at it?

I'm trying to come back to life. I'm still pretty sick but
managed to make it through work. I'm cleaning up, tearing
down, and packing 10 racks and 2 desks worth of equipment
for the move next Wednesday. I started already, because I'm
so slow from this cold, I can't keep at it very long.

Some of this stuff hasn't been moved in 6 or more years, and
it is a dusty mess. I have to wear a dust mask while packing,
so it doesn't set off my asthma. I hope all the dirt will
fall off during the move, so the new building will be nice
and clean!

I hate moving my household, and moving work isn't any more
fun. I'll be really glad when we're settled in the new place.

I discovered the video game Eternal Sonata is a blast. It
is the most beautiful game I've ever seen, and educational
to boot. It takes place in a fantasy dream the composer
Chopin has in his dying hours. The story of Chopin's life,
and his music wrap through the game. Plus the battles can
have multiple players, so I get to play too, instead of just
watch, like most Role Playing Games. Makes being sick, almost

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