Saturday, October 27, 2007

Blazing along

Waaah! 3 of my 4 days off are nearly gone. Time off from work
never lasts long enough. Yesterday was getting lots of little
tasks out of the way. Then off to the Halloween store to pick
up a couple of costume items.

I had to attend a Halloween party last night, and another one
tonight. The party last night was a lot of fun, it was held
by our Brew Master friend, with various brewers from the
Renaissance Festival. There were 2 home brew beers on tap,
and 2 varieties of mead - a dry mead and a blueberry mead.

Needless to say, I've been a bit hung over all day today. The
mead was delicious, and so very, very high in alcohol content.
Unfortunately that wasn't obvious until it was far too late.

An interesting side effect, I haven't sung in a year because
my asthma medicine really made me hoarse. After drinking the
mead, I sang many songs to the karaoke machine that another
of our friends had set up. I sounded exactly the same as I did
a year ago, before losing my voice. I wonder if that is a
little known medical benefit of really good mead?

I did check my email at work, and it looks like I have another
business trip looming in mid November. This time it is back to
Raleigh, North Carolina. It has been a year since I was there,
so I suppose it is time to go again. I wont have time to get
into the foot doctor before then, so walking is going to be a
pain. Its always something. Business trips just are never
comfortable or a whole lot of fun. At least this time, I'm not
going alone, so it wont be so lonely at dinner.

Today we had to bring in all the plants from outside. It is
supposed to hit freezing tonight. It does make the back porch
look festive, all covered in the green and flowering pots.

I have to start getting ready for the Halloween party tonight.
I'm not being very clever, I just found a really cool pair of
"Goth" wings in burgandy and black, so I got some makeup with
fake piercings, and a leather and chain hat. I'm going as an
"urban fairy", whatever the heck that is.

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