Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dazed and in Pain!

Wow, I didn't even remember to write my blog for days!
I worked again today - the 6th straight day of moving stuff
at work. Now we are in the put it all back together stage,
and making progress. A couple more days and some things
should be running again.

This whole week has be a fog of pain, stiffness, and
walking around and standing way the heck too much on a
foot and ankle that keeps swelling up (its the bad
ankle with the tendon replacement.). I just want it to be
done, and get back to some kind of normalcy at work.
Like actually doing some work, instead of all this
physical labor.

My friend Sharon, who I work with, came over last night
and we did the only thing two very tired, aging women
could do in these circumstances. We drank beer and sat
in my hot tub, and talked about the layoffs and our hopes
for our futures.

I am taking tomorrow off - I'll face it all again on Monday.

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