Thursday, October 25, 2007

Glorious Birthday!

Wow, what a wonderful day for a birthday!
The weather was perfect. About 60 degrees, sunny, with
the bluest of all fall skies, setting off the colors of the
beautiful fall trees.

The trees used to peak around here about October 10th, but
I'd say they are about 15 days late. They are peaking today.
Usually the leaves are pretty much gone by my birthday.
And since fall is my favorite time of year, its like an
extra present to have the colors today. To say nothing of
the huge full moon of last night.

I started the day by going down to the DMV to renew my drivers
license. Not very exciting, but I've been putting it off
because of the craziness of moving work - there was no good
time to do it. And besides they all wished me a happy birthday.

Then it was off to the Global Marketplace in the old Sears
building. I hadn't been there yet, though it has been open
for awhile. We looked at all the shops and food, and bought
a couple of middle eastern pastries, which is what I was
craving this year, instead of cake. We also tried real
brewed cola, and real Turkish pistachio Delight. (Both
quite yummy!)

Then we drove to Midori's to have Japanese food for lunch.
And at 2:45 pm, the exact time of my birth, we went to Lake
of the Isles, and I threw in a favorite rock and made a wish.
They never come true, but I've been doing that ritual for
most of the last 25 years.

This year I wished for my leg to heal up, and to have health
and mobility, so we can go to England next year. My ankle and
foot are still giving me problems, so I can't walk very much.
(London just doesn't work well, if you can't get around!)

The lake was gorgeous, and we drove around that area for
awhile and picked out houses for sale that we would like to
live in, if we were rich. My real wish is to be filthy rich,
and spend every day like this, shopping, seeing things, and
mostly not working!

For the last 2 hours I've been watching the cacophony
outside. About 20 crows chased a hawk into our big tree,
and they've been yelling at him continuously. I wonder
if eventually they'll all get bored and go home?

For dinner, Cay is going to make one of my favorite curries.
And maybe later, We'll go out for a quick drink at the
karaoke bar we like to hang out in. This is the life!


Big Phil said...

Happy belated birthday. I'm sorry I missed your Universe show. I was so caught up in moving I plumb forgot about it.
I know what you mean about not feeling your age. Sometimes my body feels every bit of 47 years old, but deep inside there is a 12 year old boy laughing at poop jokes.

Susan Grandys said...

Thanks. May we never feel old "inside", at least!