Sunday, October 07, 2007

Hot Creativity!

Quite the artistic hub today at our house. The roommate's band
were recording a CD in the basement. Our record publisher friend
who records stand-up comedians came over, and Cay is going to
do some commercials for his company, that will air on the radio
in New York.

My friend David dropped by, and he and I weren't very creative,
but we did reinvent how weather works. We decided the
Canadian air (we hope will arrive soon - it was 86 degrees and
intensely humid) comes down because the curvature of the Earth
and because we are below Canada, so it sort of falls down.
(So much for science!).

We were just a little overheated. The band members emerged
occasionally from the basement, stripped of shirts and drenched
in sweat. Cay took a couple of hundred of photos of their
session in our very messy basement for their CD. It hopefully
gives it a sort of punk credibility. No recording in clean
suburban basements for them!

It's supposed to be in in the 60's all next week, and we are
rather looking forward to it. I didn't have any cold symptoms
for the first time today, but even a little trip to the
grocery store completely wore me out. Time to start building
my strength back up. Tomorrow.

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