Monday, October 08, 2007

I am a sore puppy...

The work move went into high gear. I had to un-cable 10 racks
and 2 desks full of equipment. There were hundreds of cables,
entirely enmeshed running into the ceiling racks, jumping over
3 rows. Halfway through the day, I was exhausted and knew I
couldn't possibly get done by tomorrow night.

I sent out the email HELP! call, and had 2 others working on
it with me for the rest of the day. We got most of it done,
just some final touches tomorrow. I stopped sorting the
cables and just stuffed them all in boxes. I'll figure it
out on the other end. I then went and finished packing my
cube for good measure!

I was pretty spent when I got home. Being sick for so long
had left me far weaker than I had expected. A good soak in
the hot tub later, and I'm considering living again. Good
thing, because I have to keep up that level of labor all
week. Tearing down other's test beds, moving on Wednesday,
and starting to set it up and re-cable it all on the other

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