Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mama told me......

I survived the day, and even made amazing headway at work.
Good, because now I have 4 glorious days off. I don't know
where to start!

So tomorrow I'm another year older. I still don't relate to
this aging thing. Only my body seems to be getting older,
my mind is pretty firmly stuck at about 30. I know everyone
says that, ask any older person. But it still is different
when it happens to you.

I think of all the things my elders told me in life, and it
just never mattered to me, at the time. I guess I can't say
no one told me. I just didn't believe it. It doesn't prepare
you for the things that happen, either. It all still surprises
me, like I'm the first person it ever happened to.

So what is the point of a historical perspective if we can't
learn from those who came before? Maybe we don't think it
applies to us, because times are different than for them.
And a lot of it is different. We have to find new pathways,
new ways for us to traverse this life.

But some of it is the same. There just isn't a good way to
predict. So we trudge forward, unprepared for our future.

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