Monday, October 29, 2007

Restrictions or Reductions?

I started diet number 10 million and 3. If work is going to
keep putting me on planes, I gotta lose some weight. I am just
not comfortable in plane seats, I fill them up too well.

Plus I keep thinking if I get more weight off my bad ankle,
it might last a bit longer. Feh. I have lots of good reasons,
but now I actually have to do it. But nothing has been working.

Now I'm trying just lots of fiber drinks, protein meal replacement
bars, and some fruit and vegetables. We'll see if just not eating
much of anything works. I did do about 1300 calories today, though.
It is easy if I'm really busy, it's the weekends that will be

And the 2nd day. The 1st day, your body doesn't notice anything
is wrong. The next couple of days, it throws a major temper
tantrum, trying to make you "knock it off, and eat already!"
I have to keep trying, and believing that maybe this time, it
will be different.

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