Sunday, October 21, 2007

Survived the weekend with flying colors!

Yesterday was gorgeous, possibly the last incredible day of
fall. It was sunny and 73 degrees out. I had an interview for
the show with a guy from the area. We sat in a park near Lake
of the Isles amidst the fall trees (and way the heck too many
people - that park is usually deserted!) and had a wonderful

Then, since my ankle is still a mess, I went to the Mall of
America, and bought a new pair of really comfortable shoes with
a support insert for them at The Walking Company. Hopefully
having proper shoes will help a bit. (Makes you wonder what
kind of "improper" shoes I was wearing? Actually just some
clogs, but they didn't hold up my ankle.)

Today I buckled down and edited the last show that I should
have had up by now. This is the experimental show where I
asked the audience a question, and didn't get much response.
I finally bullied a few people into answering the question.
I enjoyed doing this show a lot. It has much variety, and it
was easy to edit!

Anyways, it is up now, at:

Tomorrow, it is back to work. Blug. However I'm taking Thursday
and Friday off, because Thursday is my birthday. I like to take
them off and make it a day where I can goof off, and just do
whatever I feel like. It is my own special day.

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