Saturday, October 06, 2007

This just might work?

I'm coming back to life today, cold is almost gone.
I even got on the ol' exercise bike, but only made it for 10
minutes - I'm really weak from being sick for 2 weeks.
It didn't help that it was also 90 degrees. In October! I was
getting all geared up for autumn.

Since I was feeling better, I decided to do something about
getting not enough responses to my question for the next show
and sent out some emails to some previous guests, with lots
of begging and groveling.

One of them recorded 11 minutes for me, and sent it right away.
Thanks Andrew! Another (who had sent a response), posted
it on a forum where they talk about that stuff, and hopefully
they will send something to me. Thanks Graviton Ring. So
I've set a deadline of next Saturday, and I have my fingers
crossed that I will have a show after all.

Plus I've had 2 more volunteers for a "regular" interview,
and now that I'm feeling better, I'll have to schedule those.

I even spent a couple of hours updating my resume, paying bills,
balancing the checkbook, going through all my mail and email.
I'm back in action!

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