Thursday, October 18, 2007

The yard is a puddle

It is raining. It seems like it is always raining.
The paper said that it has rained 16 out of the last 18 days.
Have I moved to Seattle? I feel soggy, even though I'm inside.

I think a few days of sunshine would perk everyone up. The
days go by in a daze, and I'm really tired all of the time.
(I suppose that could be because I'm trying to cover way too
much at work, instead of the rain....)

The dogs are going a bit crazy because the can't sit outside
in the yard. It is one big mud slick. With the chilly fall
weather, we've been wanting to cut up some wood, and rake up
some of those leaves, but it's going to take some serious sun
to make anything dry enough. So strange that this summer we
were in a drought.

I have to put my show together this weekend. It is a week
late, but the move at work, and working last weekend finished
off any energy I had. I also have an interview with a local
person I have never met on Saturday for the following show.
Always fun to do the show in person!

And now, my warm bed is calling my name....

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