Saturday, November 03, 2007

And more about computers

I killed the whole day on computers. We had a struggle updating
Cay's ibook to Leopard. It crashed in the middle, and upon
reinstalling, it removed his administrator privileges! So it
was to the web, to figure out how to break in and reset
the password on the root account. That was solved, and he is
up and running.

We then played with lots more of the features. Last night we
did a video chat with one of our friends in Tokyo, so we
could try out the new features in that. Lots of fun! It is
so weird to see a house we stayed at in Japan, through our
computer. It seems like it is just around the corner, instead
of halfway around the world. This instant communication is
one of the coolest things about computers.

Then I decided to make a new banner for my website. Since I
don't have Photoshop, this involved downloading a freeware
knockoff, "Seashore", learning to use it, and learning to use
the program "Art Text" to do the lettering. I didn't find either
of them intuitive, but then, I've never used programs like
that before. I did get a new banner up for the top of my website. Look and be in awe!

Unfortunately you have to edit the template with HTML by hand
to do anything to that page, so the banner is all that will
happen to that. I thought putting photos of guests on that
page was ambitious enough. I keep hoping the hosting site for
the show will update their page tools, but they haven't
improved them in the last 2 years, so it is a hope in vain.

Maybe I should do something non-computer related tomorrow....

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