Sunday, November 11, 2007

Back from a beer?

The writing muse must have come back from that beer; all but 2 of
the blogs I read had stuff written in them again this weekend. It
must have been one of those Novembers. People were sick, on
vacation, or otherwise distracted it seems. Hello everybody!

I did pack today for my trip on Tuesday. A friend dropped by, the
roommate passed through, I finished my Hamtaro game. It was over
60 degrees today, really great for mid November! I also bought a
case for my DS game system for the trip. Hopefully my DS wont get
stolen on this trip... (my last one was taken from my room on the
last business trip) Airports and planes are boring without a

I have a long day of traveling on Tuesday. A small plane to Chicago,
and another one to Raleigh. The layover is short, so I got a very
small carry on bag, and I'm taking everything with me on the plane.
Coming back is 2 even smaller planes, changing planes in Missouri.
But everything is charged up and ready to go, (except me). I'm
ready for bed.... Night!

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