Sunday, November 04, 2007

Closing Down

We somehow overlooked that today we were supposed to go off
of daylight savings time. We first noticed when the cell phones
reported that they had changed. Usually the paper makes a big
deal out of it, and I hadn't noticed any mention of it. I had
to look it up on the web, to see if it had indeed changed today.

Today was preparing for cold weather day. This coming week
looks to be pretty cold, so it was time to do those closing
up the house
things. Remove the air conditioner from the
window, move the breakfast nook furniture in off the back
porch and set it up inside, put the flannel sheets on the bed,
buy a load of firewood and pick up a few supplies for the week.

We needed fire starers for the woodstove. We had been using
paper, which clogs up the damper screen. To buy fire starters
costs over $1 apiece which seemed to be quite a lot if you have
a fire everyday! I looked it up on the web, and they had several
"recipes" for homemade fire starters.

One was simply to soak dryer lint in candle wax. We actually
had a lot of dryer lint in a wastebasket next to the dryer.
So we got a block of candle wax and Cay made up a bunch of
lint balls on a cookie sheet. They look like some kind of grey,
hairy appetizer. But they work like a charm, and are very cheap
to make, just the cost of a block of candle wax.

The winds are supposed to start howling at around midnight,
bringing in the big cold front. We are as ready as we can be.

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