Thursday, November 29, 2007

Feelin' Stressed

I think my stress meter is running a little hot. I've been
trying to get my head around way too much at work, and then on
the way home my battery light came on. The last couple of hours
have been a circus of trying to replace the battery. We couldn't
get it out. Had to buy a new tool. Raced to the parts store to get
a battery, they even stayed open a few minutes late so we could get
it. Got the battery out, and couldn't get the new one in. It was
the wrong size. How can it be the wrong size? We gave the parts
store the correct information. Now they are closed and the
battery is out.

So search the web for a parts store that is open. Found one.
Cay just ran off to get the battery, hopefully they have it, and
it is the right size, and they close in 20 minutes. Grrr!
I have to be up at 6 am - have an 8 am meeting, gotta get this
fixed. And now the weather channel says the first big snow storm
of the season could clobber us on Saturday. Cay gets back, and
they tested the battery, it is fine. It might be an alternator
problem. So now I get to do driving roulette. Drive back and forth
to work in freezing weather, and hope I make it and don't get stranded.

I need a hot bubble bath and a beer. In any order.

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