Sunday, November 18, 2007


My cold took a turn for the worse today, darn it! Yesterday
I thought I might get over it soon. I now have a REALLY sore
throat, and laryngitis to boot. So much for doing an interview.
We scheduled it for Dec 1st, instead.

I guess I know how I'm spending Thanksgiving. In bed, I assume.
I have to get into work the next 3 days, but that will probably
set me back again. Ho-hum. I figured out that I have been sick
or layed up from some operation or another for about 1/3 of my
life. If one sleeps another 1/3 of your life - that means I've
only had 1/3 of a real life.

No wonder I'm so juvenile at my age! (I'm really only 17 by how
much life I've actually gotten to experience....)

Back to bed....

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