Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Only a homeowner could get excited

So what's new in my life? Gutters!
After holding out for 8 1/2 years, I had gutters put on my
house yesterday. The basement started to get damp walls, and
everyone told me I needed gutters. The house didn't have any
when I bought it over 8 years ago.

I thought I might need some, but it is really hard to save up
money for something as unexciting as gutters. But I finally did
and there they are. I'm $1000 poorer, and you really can't tell
anything changed on the house.

Other than that, I had a spectacular case of laryngitis yesterday.
It was nearly complete, I couldn't get any sound out at all.
Which was amusing at all the meetings I had to go to. I still
have it today, but I can squeak out some sound.
I read that ginger tea helps the inflamed vocal cords, so
I've been drinking a lot of it. Oh, how exciting my life is!

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