Saturday, November 24, 2007

Starting Christmas

I just posted the latest Uncomfortable Questions show -
Interview with Michael.
I put a new opening theme on it that I wrote in GarageBand.
The original is 3 minutes long and I came up with a truncated 30
second version. It still needs some tweaking.

I think the show turned out well, my guest was so open, warm,
and human. I enjoyed doing the edit and hearing the show again.
I managed to croak out an intro and outro to the show, my voice
is still shot from the laryngitis, but at least audible. I wonder
if having a sore throat for 12 days is good?

While I edited, Cay got in a Christmas mood and put up the little
Christmas tree and decorated it. Last year we forgot to put it
up at all, what with my surgery and all, so this year we made
sure to remember to do it. He also made a steak and mushroom pie
with a low-carb crust mix we had. It was very good!

The roommate is running around like nuts. His band has two shows
tonight for their EP release party. He was handmaking the CD's
late into the night.

Creativity, Christmas lights and comforting food. It was a good day.

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