Saturday, November 10, 2007

Where is everybody?

Ugh, what a week. Let's see, I've now lost 6 1/4 lbs in less than
2 weeks. I've been awfully tired and not feeling very good. I
have no reserves left at night, and have been going to bed early.
Partially due to the hunger, but mostly from way the heck too
much work.

I got one customer program off the ground and it is now proceeding
after a huge, frantic learning curve. I've nearly finished a 100 page
plan today that I have to send out on Monday for the people I'm
meeting in North Carolina on my business trip.

With what I learn on the trip, I'll probably have to write another
paper of at least that size. Then I need to get another program
up and running, and finish setting up 10 racks of equipment that
I haven't managed to get to since the move. Then a couple of more

When does the "resting on my laurels" part come in? And what are
laurels? A kind of shrubbery, I think. Doesn't sound very comfortable
to rest in one...

I should be editing another show, right now, but I think I'll end
up packing for the trip instead. This is nuts!

Weird thing, the 10 or so blogs I've been following, have gone dead
for the last week or so. I guess I'm not the only one. It is like
everyone stopped writing all together. Is everyone as busy as me,
or did the writing muse step out for a beer?

I feel a little unconnected. I guess reading blogs of my friends, some
on other countries, made me feel social. That I was keeping up with
my friend's lives, even though I wasn't seeing anyone. I wonder if
we use blogs as a shortcut, it saves time so we don't have to go out
of our way to make contact? This whacky modern world!

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