Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas at my house

Christmas Eve was started at a lively Jewish party, and
ended in a quiet Lesbian bar where a friend of ours was
hosting Karaoke. We sang into the night with him, his
sister and her husband, and his ex wife. All of our
favorite people who we partied with quite a lot this year.
A handful of the cutest Lesbians played pool in the
background and wandered up to sing. It was a lot of fun.
I do end up in the strangest places, and always feel
right at home.

Now it is Christmas day, and we did something almost traditional
this morning. Cay and I put together my new (exercise) bike.
Lots of swearing and Vaseline was involved (we couldn't find
the WD-40 to make the bolts go in). I like to imagine that
morning scene was replicated all over the country.

As I type this, one of the cats is asleep by the fire in the
wood stove, and really soft fluffy snow is drifting by the
window. A cacophony of weird voices and screaming is floating
down the stairs.

Cay is recording his last show of his "Advent Calender of
Comedy" shows. (www.tekdiff.com). It
sounds like there are 20 people upstairs, but it is all him.
I forget that when I listen to his show. He even says he
forgets they are all him, when he hears his show!

I posted my show last night and it has already gotten a
respectable number of downloads. I guess not everyone is
too busy at Christmas time. This show is a question for the
audience "Are we here to experience the me, or transcend the me?"
Get it at www.uncomfortable-questions.com.

We had scrambled eggs and mushrooms for lunch. Dinner,
I'm not so sure - I think we forgot to buy anything for
Christmas dinner, and the stores are all closed. Oh well,
I think there are some Chinese restaurants open.

This is a typical Christmas day in my world.

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