Sunday, December 16, 2007

The dog and I are better?

The old dog (not me - the DOG) seems better this weekend.
His tests just showed an enlarged heart but not necessarily DMC,
which they thought it was. He goes in for an ultrasound on
Monday, to see if is tumors or something. The diuretics are
helping drain the excess fluid out of his abdomen (and we have
to let the poor thing out to pee every couple of hours.)

My heel seems better from the Cortisone shot, so I am feeling
optimistic, that I'll be getting around more, real soon now.

To keep off my foot, I've spent most of the weekend on the couch,
playing the videogame Xenosaga III. It has a really involved
story, and it keeps me occupied.

One more week of work and then I get 11 whole days off! (We close
over the week between the holidays). It sounds like some kind of
little heaven.

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