Saturday, December 22, 2007

Free as a bird

Yes, I am on my glorious Christmas break. I don't have to do anything
until January 2nd. I'm not quite reconciled to that fact yet. I'm not
quite sure what to do with myself.

One of the computer hard drives died last night - it was an old
120 GB external drive. So Cay braved the Christmas shoppers
to go find another one. I thought of going, but opted to stay
home an do absolutely nothing.

All the drives that MicroCenter had in their flyer were gone. He
found one remaining open box one for $103. It is a 500 GB drive,
which seems roomy (until we load up our itunes music library....)
Someday I want a 1 Terra Byte drive - just because. I used to think
1 TB drives were unimaginably huge and cool.

I'm due to put another show up - I have a 15 minute late answer
to the "What is the Universe" show and an idea for a new subject
that I can talk about. So the Christmas show will be the guests
from the two shows before Christmas, 2 years ago - Herb (show #24)
and Me (show #25). I guess that is interestingly circular. I hope it isn't
because it is closure, and that this becomes my last show! We will
see if I get any responses to this upcoming show, I suppose. I'm
not sure how to get the new idea to catch on.

People either respond, or they don't. It seems most people don't
want to talk about things anymore. (Which is kind of why I started
the show in the first place!) I was really hoping to get some
conversations started. I wonder why it is that people don't talk much
anymore. Who are all those people on the web?

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