Saturday, December 29, 2007

Not Again!

I can't believe it, I'm sick again!
This is at least the 5th time this year. My colds always are
2 weeks long, meaning I'll have lost 10 weeks this year to
being sick. Isn't that too much? Is it because I went out on
Christmas Eve? Can't I even leave my house without getting sick?

I don't get it. Until about 2 years ago, I almost never got
colds. Now I can't seem to not get them. What the heck is
going on with my system? I eat well, I take handfuls of vitamins
every day, I exercise, I keep my blood glucose levels low - and
nothing seems to stop this! Eventually shouldn't I have immunities
to everything? I can't even think of anything more I can do to
stay healthy. I work really hard at it already, because of the
diabetes, I've tried to do everything right.

I had a scratchy throat yesterday, and while I felt fine until
this evening, I now have full blown laryngitis, and I feel tired
and yucky. My glorious vacation! Felled on the last 4 days.
I had four places to go for New Years Eve, too. Pooh. I may
end up spending it on the couch. Again. Maybe that is my New
Years tradition.

Time for a new tradition.... :(

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