Friday, December 14, 2007

Old person and old dog - all things medical

Well, I've been limping along (literally!). The MRI came out fine,
ankle tendons look good, even the transferred one from 4 years
ago. I got a cortizone injection into the heel for the inflamed
tendon there. Now it hurts worse than when I went in today :(

The toes might need surgery, but we are just trying padding them
for now, to see if the heel problem resolves from the cortizone.
Hopefully that will fix my limp, so the ankle will stop hurting,
leaving only one problem to deal with.

I asked the doc about walking for exercise again. He said "um,
how do you feel about biking?". Sigh. This doesn't look promising,
in the near term for my ambitions to travel.

Then the old dog has had this weird cough, so we took him in.
He has an enlarged heart and his abdomen is filling up with
fluid. They ran a lot of tests on him, and we are waiting to hear
back on the results. This could be expensive! He is pretty happy
and alert, so I hope it is somewhat treatable. I don't think he
is ready to exit left gracefully, yet. Hear! Hear! I can relate.

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