Sunday, December 23, 2007

Snow Bunnies from H*ll

It is doing some serious snowing out there. It was only supposed
to be an inch or so, but it turned into about 5 inches so far,
and it is blowing horizontally at times. Undaunted, the roommate
went off to buy a bed, and Cay and I are going to go cook
Sukiyaki for our friend Joel at his place.

Hey it's Christmas, you are supposed to go out there, and shop
or something. Weather be darned!

We all slept in really late today, such a rare and wonderful thing.
Then Cay and I each worked on our separate shows - he is doing
a daily "Advent Calendar" of comedy for 25 straight days on - very entertaining, check it out! I'll record
the rest of my show tomorrow and put it up.

I'm loving this time off from work, but 2 days are already gone.
I hate that part.

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