Thursday, December 27, 2007

Time staggers on

I'm in day 6 of of my 11 days off already! Waaaaah!
When did doing a lot of nothing become so attractive in my life?

I am absolutely delighted to not have to be anywhere, go anywhere,
and to go to bed late and sleep in late. I'm having a wonderful
time. I don't remember at what point that became more fun than
rushing around to tons of parties, and being constantly busy.
I guess I am getting old.

Speaking of old, the dog just got back from the heart checkup
at the vet. He is responding extremely well to the medicines.
The diuretics drained all the fluid in his abdomen, and he went
from 46 to 38 pounds - all of it was the bloated fluid. (The
downside is we have to let him out about once an hour.)

His enlarged heart was beating at 190 beats per minute when they
diagnosed his heart problem, but the 2 kinds of heart medicine
really helped. Today it was down to 110 beats per minute, so his
heart isn't laboring anymore. I guess I don't begrudge the $99 a
bottle heart medicine (at least until I have to buy the next
bottle...) I have to get 2 kinds of ointment for his raw patches
around his eyes and on his side, too. 6 kinds of medicine for the
old boy.

But it looks like the old curmudgeon dog will be with us a bit
longer. He's as perky and demanding as he ever was. ("Let me out,
feed me, give me treat, pet me, give me another treat!") But I
would miss the pushy b*stard.

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