Monday, December 24, 2007

Traditional Christmas Eve?

Today the sun came out, so we felt like getting out - in spite
of fears that it would be crazy out there with last minute
shoppers. Strangely enough it was pretty quiet. Had no problem
going to Sears, where we saw a sale and bought ourselves
socks and underwear, believe it or not! Hey, we needed some.

Then we went to a sporting goods store and found a replacement
exercise bike for me. Mine has been mostly broken for some time
(it will only work at Level 2), and the doc wants me to do
biking for exercise. So I got a really nice one. I still hope
it will exercise for me, and I can nap on the couch....

And for a lovely early dinner, we had Chicken Nuggets at Wendy's.
Isn't that traditional Christmas fare?

Now we are getting ready to go out to Jewbilee - a Jewish party
at our favorite bar, with Karaoke and free Chinese food. My kind
of Christmas!

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