Thursday, December 20, 2007

What? It isn't Monday?

How can it be Thursday? There was a whirlwind crisis project at
work, and then 2 days in training, and somehow it it Thursday.
It felt like 1 day since my last post.

So medical science has stabilized my family. The Cortisone is
working, and I am walking with much less pain. The dog is on
2 kinds of heart medicine and 2 kinds of diuretics. Oh and some
arthritis medicine. One of his heart medicines costs $99 !!!!
There goes any Christmas money I had. I guess it saves me from
shopping for presents.

Cay and I bought a few DVD's and that was our Christmas presents
to ourselves. Just to diagnose the dog, and his ultrasound cost
about $600. And his medicines run me about $150 a month. I keep
telling him, he had better be worth it, but he ignores me and
asks for another dog biscuit.

One more day of work and then my glorious 11 day Holiday break

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