Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The 12 days of What?

I read a friend's blog who has been living in South America for
the last year. He said that one of the superstitions there is
that the first 12 days of the new year tell you what your year
will be like. (January 1st tells you what January will be like,
January 2nd equates to February, and so on.)

Lets see. That means January I will be sick, fat, and on the
couch. In February, I will feel so-so, and be working hard and
fretting about how to get everything done....

Unless the next 10 days improve in a hurry, I may have to
ignore that little superstition! I believe in whatever gives
me a feeling of hope :) I'm sticking to my thought that if
I started the year sick, it will only get better from there.

It was weird being back at work after 11 days off. We were all
trying to figure out what we had been doing before we dashed
joyfully off for the long break. But after a couple of hours,
it was back in the rhythm, and the holiday was receeding from
fond memory. (The fact that it was -4 degrees F. this morning
did help to shock us back to reality.)

Other than that, I've been listening to "Holy Ghost" (the long
version) by the Bar Kays. I got it off of itunes yesterday,
and I think it may be the most perfect funk song, ever. Thanks
to my friend Joel for introducing it to me, about 2 years ago.
(Yeah, I just finally noticed I had written it in my pocket
calendar, and decided to go get it.)

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