Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Lot of Nothing, but warm

Still sick. I felt worse this weekend than last week. This
cold just goes on and on and on. It is pretty mild, as colds
go, the main symptom is a huge amount of fatigue.

So it has been a very lazy weekend (Cay is still sick too).
We are working our way through the PS2 game, Tales of
the Abyss
, and enjoying it quite a lot. It is one of the very
few 2 player RPG games out there. We both like to game, and it
is really frustrating that the whole Role Playing game market
is set up for single players. Don't these people have friends,
or spouses?!

The big task this weekend was bathing both dogs, and shaving the
hair shorter on one of them. He had become a matted mess. That
was exhausting as heck and we had to take naps after that.
We did it this weekend because it was 44 degrees out there!
For January 6th, that is an amazing and wonderful thing.

We opened a couple of windows to let fresh air in the house,
and stood out on the back porch for 1/2 an hour and just soaked
up the sun. It felt so good.

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Anonymous said...

You know, anytime you need to shave the dogs, just give me a call. I'd be happy to help.

Besides I shaved my head this weekend...