Friday, January 04, 2008

More of the same...

And April should be a month of even more broken hardware for me....
This is the challenging part of my job, when the machines turn
against you. I'm always amazed when when finally beat them all
into shape.

Driving home yesterday, after reading an article about a 2 year
old who froze to death, got me thinking about the old "Why are
we here?" question. If there is a meaning and a reason for life,
I have the hardest time rectifying why babies and small children
die. Why were they born? What was their reason for being here?

I like to think that our "souls" (however you define that) choose
to be born at this time and place for some reason. To learn
something, or experience something. It becomes a darned impossible
philosophy, though, when you try to explain little babies dying.

For that matter, I can't explain why anyone dies, when they aren't
ready to go, no matter what their age. Explanations like "our
souls, or subconcious may have chosen to 'check out' of life"
doesn't sound right. Why wouldn't we get to participate in the
decision. I don't like the idea that something I can't control
would be making decisions behind my back. Then I just get crabby,
because my lovely philosophy wont fly.

So I kick it for awhile.

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