Saturday, January 26, 2008

Punk bands and Spirituality

Oh my, the bands were fun, last night. I knew people in all
4 bands, and they gave some amazing sets. The bands were
MC/VL (my roommate's Rap band), Strut and Shock (kind of an 80's
punk band) The Birthday Suits (a very experimental punk band with
2 Japanese guys), and The Dynamiters (made up of members of
various other bands, their 1st gig, and boy were they good!)

I've been so stressed lately, and in the middle of the blindingly
fast set by the Birthday Suits, I felt the stress leaking away.
No wonder meditation doesn't work well for me. I need Punk!

I got to talk with my friend from Tokyo, always enjoyable! And
indeed, I saw many friends I haven't seen in months. I think we've
all been hibernating for the winter. Well, at least I have.

My cousin sent me a Astrological reading she did for me (she
is doing it professionally now). It was surprisingly accurate -
much more so than the other time I had a reading done. But it
boiled down to my life's purpose being that of "a teacher of
higher learning"

A few years ago, I got a book on discovering your purpose in life,
and when I had done all the worksheets, it came down to my
purpose being that of a "teacher". I think it is somewhat pompous
to think of oneself as a teacher (what the heck do I know about
life?), but when I look at my life actions, that is exactly what
I seem to do much of the time.

I very, very unconventional teacher, at that. When I run into
someone who could benefit from my kind of help, I figure out what
they really need, and do what I can. My methods are odd, what I
am teaching can be quite different from person to person. I do a
lot of training and sharing of information at work, too. When I
learn anything, my natural inclination is to "pass it on".

I wonder why one would be predisposed to do such a thing? In
evolutionary terms, what purpose does it serve? I shy away from
thinking of being a teacher in spiritual terms, because it implies
being better, or more "connected to the Gods" than other people.

I can learn from other people, but I still verify things myself,
and put my own personal spin on it. In the esoteric realm, I don't
take anyone's word for things. If you can't prove any of it, if you
are only going on intangibles and belief structure, I don't believe
that anyone can claim to "know the answers" any better than anyone
else. Spiritual belief structures have to be entirely personal to
be of any use.

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